Supporting LD students with long term school closures

As many of us have already gone into school closures for an undefined amount of time, there are so many things to consider when it comes to supporting learners. My school is a school just for students with language based learning disabilities, and we know two things, we need to keep these kids engaged and active in the learning process to keep skills level, and we know these learners are going to be hard to engage without face to face teacher time.

I do find it an exciting time for myself as a person who is an expert in educational assistive technology. I find it exciting time because the staff of my school have worked over the last several years to gain more skill in engaging our learners in the classroom with technology to provide accessibility, differentiation, and engagement in multiple means. I find it a scary time for we all are navigating new waters, but what I hope is evolving is way to find ourselves having the ability to support and engage learners in this time of closures and distancing. This form of education will never replace live interaction, yet we can’t let that stop us in finding ways to use digital learning to support our LD learners and their families in these unprecedented times.

I’m eager to collaborate with the educators in my building to find the best ways to support our students and I look forward to sharing with you all the process of ups and downs as we move forward.

Stay tuned for updates of tools that can help teachers, families and students. I may be revisiting tools discussed in the past to bring them back to new light in this time of teaching from afar for some of us. Please share your loved resources as well.

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