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iPad as #dyslexiatech

My students are amazing learners.  Seeing the growth they make each day brings a smile to my face.  They have struggled and yet have found the perseverance within themselves to tackle the challenges their learning disabilities bring to the table. For some time I have been building ways to bring technology into my building.  Some… Continue reading iPad as #dyslexiatech

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A Movement in motion~Dyslexia

One of my favorite cheers done by our cheerleaders @EHSSouthport is “Fire it Up!”  It’s catchy, it’s fun, and it’s my current motto.  I am fired up for the mission to bring dyslexia to the forefront of conversation, to get all students the learning opportunities and tools they need, and how as a teacher and technology coordinator,… Continue reading A Movement in motion~Dyslexia

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What if #Satchat started a school?

Preface: Collaborative blog by @Principal_EL  and @iplante in the spirit of #Satchat and #CE13 Every Saturday morning hundreds of dedicated and committed educators from around the world start their weekends with professional development at 7:30-8:30 am EST and 10:30 EST for the west coast version. Founded and led by Brad Currie (@bcurrie), Scott Rocco (@ScottRRocco), and… Continue reading What if #Satchat started a school?

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Connected Educators…what about Connected Students?

I love October.  It is a month of many of my favorites…Connected Educator Month…Dyslexia Awareness Month….Breast Cancer Awareness Month…oh and my birthday falls at the end of the month, but with a snowstorm and hurricane over the last two years during that, I will ignore that fun. I love being a Connected Educator and a… Continue reading Connected Educators…what about Connected Students?