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The Southport School Collaborative PD Summer Series

Led by Southport School teachers and collaborators, this workshop series will share strategies for working with students with learning differences at home and in the classroom.  Parents, teachers, and administrators are invited to learn more about how we can work as a community to impact the nearly 1 in 5 students with learning and attention… Continue reading The Southport School Collaborative PD Summer Series

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Slipping through the cracks

The idea of students with learning differences slipping through the cracks is not a new topic to consider. Yet what amazes me here in 2018 is that the one learning disability (LD) that continues to greatly slip through is dyslexia. The following definition of dyslexia can be found at the International Dyslexia Association website (IDA):… Continue reading Slipping through the cracks

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Ginger vs Grammarly in Chrome

I had earlier explored the comparison of Ginger and Grammarly on my iPad.  Both tools have pros and cons but are useful tools to help with grammar and spelling checking.  As I am typing Grammarly (paid version) is underlining words I am misspelled or have using incorrectly.  It does not auto correct the spellings, rather underlines them in… Continue reading Ginger vs Grammarly in Chrome


Grammarly vs Ginger in the iOS world

Grammarly and Ginger have long been battling for the grammar checking space. You can find many posts comparing the two, pros cons and costs. Both tools have free and paid levels, each offering their own special flair to the grammar world. I have used both as Chrome extensions, and do agree, they both hold a… Continue reading Grammarly vs Ginger in the iOS world

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Structured Literacy Instruction Meets EdTech

One of the paths my colleague Theresa Collins, an Orton-Gillingham Fellow, and I have been following is how to incorporate educational technology into small group structured literacy lessons to ease the organization for the teacher and increase student engagement. With the creation of the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practioners and Educators (AOGPE) Classroom Educator level of… Continue reading Structured Literacy Instruction Meets EdTech