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Free Teaching Resources

As part of the effort to support the teachers in my school I made a site to share free resources, ones free in this time of CoVid and ones that are always free. There are many other EdTech tools available, these have been vetted to support my colleagues who are looking to differentiate and accommodate for our student population, who all have language based learning disabilities. We have made this same information available to all through our training institute, The Southport CoLAB. Click on the button above to access the resource site. It will be updated with new resources as they become available or discovered.

One thought on “Free Teaching Resources

  1. I was able to re-blog your previous post and have signed on to Classkick. It’s really easy and I have a whole slew of lessons already transferred, so thanks for the tip! I cannot get the link in your current post to load, btw.

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