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One of my favorite tools, perfect for distance learning.

One of my favorite tools for a long time is Classkick. This is a tool that will work with any device! It works in a web browser or has an app. And it is one of the wonderful Ed-tech tools that is providing their premium features for free right now in this time of school closures. It is also one of the tools that my school has invested in providing all the teachers premium features even in regular school times. I don’t recommend many tools for our school to do that with. That recommendation came after we had been using the free version and realized the value of it. Teachers were using it so frequently that we needed to enable the ability to have an unlimited number of lessons created. In this time of loss shifting to online learning, teachers who have not used it before are jumping on board and singing its praises. Right now Classkick is fully free for educators!

My Director of Ed shared this in a recent Zoom meeting

Classkick is a blank whiteboard style tool that provides the the teacher and the student the ability to write, type and/or record. The teacher can use multiple slides to craft and assignment, and then it is shared with students with a code; each student automatically gets their own set of slides, and the teacher can see every student’s work on their screen. The teacher can access each students set of slides right from their own device to provide feedback and support. There is a feature for students to “raise their hand” on each slide to indicate they need help on that slide or have finished it and would like it checked, Students cannot edit or change what the teacher has put on the slides.

What can be made with Classkick? So Much!

  • Take a screenshot of a worksheet or pdf and put on a slide for students to write or type on
  • Create sentences or paragraphs for students to record themselves reading
  • Read Aloud a story with images of the text and then add questions for students to respond to
  • Record a word on each slide to create a spelling activity
  • Record phonological awareness activities. Where are you record yourself giving directions such as this “a different math problem on each slide, and students can use the drawing feature to show their work. Yourself saying ‘cat’ then without the /k/“ and students record themselves doing what you ask.
  • Write a different math problem on each slide and students can use the drawing feature to show their work.
  • The list can go on….. see photos below of some examples from The Southport School teachers

To be clear, I am not compensated for this endorsement. I just truly believe in this tool for it’s ability to be used for Universal Design of Learning and the ease of learning to use it for teachers and students. Stay safe and Wash Your Hands!

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