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Executive Functioning and Note-taking tools Webinar

Thank you to InnovateCT for allowing me to do this webinar on various tools related to Executive Functioning and Note-Taking. This is a quick discussion on options that exist, by no means all options that exist. Viewers will are given thoughts on considerations for tools.

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The Southport School Collaborative PD Summer Series

Led by Southport School teachers and collaborators, this workshop series will share strategies for working with students with learning differences at home and in the classroom.  Parents, teachers, and administrators are invited to learn more about how we can work as a community to impact the nearly 1 in 5 students with learning and attention… Continue reading The Southport School Collaborative PD Summer Series

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Slipping through the cracks

The idea of students with learning differences slipping through the cracks is not a new topic to consider. Yet what amazes me here in 2018 is that the one learning disability (LD) that continues to greatly slip through is dyslexia. The following definition of dyslexia can be found at the International Dyslexia Association website (IDA):… Continue reading Slipping through the cracks

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Meeting the challenges for returning from an extended school break.

I was laughing with a colleague this morning that, yet again, each of us made a resolution to engage in more mindfulness and not let the stresses of life take over. Last fall was busy for each of us and this upcoming winter is not slated to be any calmer. So I am looking to… Continue reading Meeting the challenges for returning from an extended school break.