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Question of the Day 8/13/2020

What are good tools for Differentiated Reading Instruction?

There are some great sites now that allow for the easy leveling of readings, while still maintaining the same overall content objective. It is also worth considering does material need to be differentiated for level or access to benefit each learner. Some students struggle with decoding text at grade level, but if presented with it in auditory format, they can comprehend well. Many students with dyslexia have comprehension skills that are above their decoding levels, so material being worked on for understanding, it should be presented if an audio format. Some students do struggle with decoding and comprehension, which then the ability to level the wording, sentence structure and vocabulary would be key to support their learning.

List of EdTech that support differentiated reading levels:

Do you have other sites you use that provide easy differentiated reading levels? Please comment to share them.

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