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A Movement in motion~Dyslexia

One of my favorite cheers done by our cheerleaders @EHSSouthport is “Fire it Up!”  It’s catchy, it’s fun, and it’s my current motto.  I am fired up for the mission to bring dyslexia to the forefront of conversation, to get all students the learning opportunities and tools they need, and how as a teacher and technology coordinator, I can directly impact the growth for students with dyslexia.

About a month ago, I posted Square Peg in a Round Hole.  This post is a continuation of the thoughts that began then, and have been continuing to drive me forward.  This week #dyslexia #rockstar Jamie Martin (@ATKSMan) wrote a fabulous post that really resonated with me, I Teach at the School of Dyslexia. Working at a school like Eagle Hill Southport or Kildonan School is an amazing experience.  When as an educator, you can in your day do what is truly best for the learning needs of students with dyslexia, you end each day ready for the next.  The small successes are huge occasions, the new students that come in and within days or weeks start to smile again, the rewards are endless.  Recently we had a student in for a two day application visit, on day two he wrote an essay about how much he wanted to be at EHS immediately…how in the short time he already felt the difference.  He made sure to get that letter to our Admissions Director and Headmaster before the end of the day, trying to ensure his acceptance to our program. (Yes he is now a current student!)  Being able to make a student feel that good in a short time is amazing and rewarding for all the staff.  But why should it be that students come to us so beaten down, so defeated, so sad?

What educators in my school and schools like ours do is not rocket science.  It is research-based instruction that takes, time, repetition, patience, and a belief that all students can achieve.  However, this does need to be taking hold in all places as seen in the growing grassroots movement Decoding Dyslexia.  These are parents are fired up to get improved dyslexia services for their children.  Additionally, with the growth of organizations such as Headstrong Nation, Learning Ally, and Literacy How, the word is spreading, the movement is in motion.  We all need to hop on the bus to the “School of Dyslexia” as Jamie stated.

This past week EHS hosted a local premier of @DislecksiaMovie, a documentary by @Harvey_Hubble about dyslexia.  While quirky, it was another great reminder of the importance of recognizing that dyslexia is something that needs to be talked about out in the open, for it can lead to great successes, and great losses.  According to statistics, 35% of American entrepreneurs are dyslexic, but studies have also correlated a high percentage of the prison population also as dyslexic.

Those in the movement to bring the discussion of dyslexia to the forefront, want to increase the awareness that as Headstrong Nation states, “Dyslexia isn’t a disease it’s a community.” Those with dyslexia are not lazy, broken, or incapable of success, they just need to be recognized as individuals with the same ability to succeed and learn as anyone else, it just isn’t in the “traditional” way.  And truly, who of us can achieve within the realms of “regular” learning in all areas.

I am proud to be part of the movement, to be part of the “School of Dyslexia”.  I am passionate to use my knowledge and drive to impact students, learning, and whatever lies ahead.  I am not a rocket scientist or micro-biologist, I am a teacher, a teacher who enjoys going to work each day to make my students with dyslexia realize they are awesome!

If you have not read the Dyslexia Empowerment Plan, by @benfoss, I recommend you do so.

Thank you to @bnpowers  for providing the path and connections that are re-igniting my fire, and bringing us altogether to make the #movement stronger.

One thought on “A Movement in motion~Dyslexia

  1. Thank you for caring for our children. Not many teachers, including special education teachers, are familiar with or willing to familiarize themselves with the topic of Dyslexia.
    Thank you and God Bless You

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