Grammarly vs Ginger in the iOS world

Grammarly and Ginger have long been battling for the grammar checking space. You can find many posts comparing the two, pros cons and costs. Both tools have free and paid levels, each offering their own special flair to the grammar world. I have used both as Chrome extensions, and do agree, they both hold a… Continue reading Grammarly vs Ginger in the iOS world

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#DyslexiaTech is Accessible Tech

2009, San Francisco, TRLD Conference (Technology, Reading and Learning Disabilities) When I was given the chance to attend this conference (sadly the last year of it) I was so excited.  I felt I was be given an opportunity to really start to develop the role of technology to support the learning of LD/Dyslexic students. What… Continue reading #DyslexiaTech is Accessible Tech

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Is it really that shocking? Technology and academics together

Originally posted on CAIS Commission on Professional Development:
Earlier this year had to complete an assignment for my graduate class that proposed an action plan related to impacting student achievement.  I outlined the implementation of technology curriculum directly into the academic classrooms of our skill-based program from students with learning disabilities.  This plan laid out…