Supporting LD students with long term school closures

As many of us have already gone into school closures for an undefined amount of time, there are so many things to consider when it comes to supporting learners. My school is a school just for students with language based learning disabilities, and we know two things, we need to keep these kids engaged and… Continue reading Supporting LD students with long term school closures

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LD Teacher as Tech Teacher?

When I began blogging, it was as I built my role as a technology resource in my building.  My teaching career is as a teacher of those with learning disabilities, focusing on those with language based reading disabilities.  Working with students in this role has been a focus of mine since high school.  I have… Continue reading LD Teacher as Tech Teacher?

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Is it really that shocking? Technology and academics together

Originally posted on CAIS Commission on Professional Development:
Earlier this year had to complete an assignment for my graduate class that proposed an action plan related to impacting student achievement.  I outlined the implementation of technology curriculum directly into the academic classrooms of our skill-based program from students with learning disabilities.  This plan laid out…

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Getting on the technology bus

I am ever astounded at the fast pace of the changes in the world of technology.  The role of technology in education is moving out of the computer lab in the classroom, leading to a greater importance to prepare all educators for technology integration. “New technology is a lightning rod and polarizing force because it… Continue reading Getting on the technology bus