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Teacher Leaders at #EdcampLdr 105:365

Originally posted on Teach Between The Lines:
This was the best open conversation session I took part in during the day.  It was inspiring to see and hear from so many leaders working at different capacities in the school.  It was equally exciting to have a handful of teachers stepping up and sharing their experiences…

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Twitter is Google for Educators

I know many of you read the title are were thinking, “Huh? I don’t use Twitter the same ways as Google.”  Courtesy of dictionary.com, consider the following definition:   Amazing how a company name, is now an action verb, and one that is part of common culture.  We google anything and everything.  I google solutions… Continue reading Twitter is Google for Educators

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Educators Field of Dreams: will you come?

“If you build it they will come” Funny watching a piece on the 25th anniversary of “Field of Dreams” this week, how iconic that phrase has become. In today’s education field there is a lot of building going on…for teachers and for students. Not necessarily in the physical brick and mortar sense, but technologically. There… Continue reading Educators Field of Dreams: will you come?

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#edrev reflection

So I was sent on this adventure from Southport, CT to San Francisco, CA with six eighth grade students to experience #edrev on our headmaster’s recommendation recently. #edrev is a conference designed by @SAFENational  and @pensf “EdRev, conceived of and brought to life by PEN in 2009, provides a unique day of interaction among students,… Continue reading #edrev reflection


Common Core..High Stakes Testing…Assistive Technology…Oh My!

The Common Core is a hot topic in education. I recall two years ago in working on my administration certificate, it was just beginning to gain momentum with high hopes for education. Now the conversations center around an initiative that is yet again missing the mark, especially for student with learning differences. There are many… Continue reading Common Core..High Stakes Testing…Assistive Technology…Oh My!