Connections make learning more impactful #edscape reflection

As always happens when I spend a day of learning and connecting at a conference, my head spends some time processing what I learned.  Yesterday was another Saturday, another day that my time was spent learning and engaging in professional development…it was awesome.  I spent the day at Edscape, a fabulous day orchestrated by Eric… Continue reading Connections make learning more impactful #edscape reflection

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Bammy’s national to local: a movement to recognize the positives in education

Prologue:  As usually happens with interactions on Twitter, especially during chats, a connection, idea, and motivation develops.  This past Saturday (10/12/14) #satchat, not unusually, led to one of those moments.  The conversation centered around engaging stakeholders for the benefit of students.  A question arose as to how the greater community could be involved, and given recent… Continue reading Bammy’s national to local: a movement to recognize the positives in education

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Teacher Leaders at #EdcampLdr 105:365

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This was the best open conversation session I took part in during the day.  It was inspiring to see and hear from so many leaders working at different capacities in the school.  It was equally exciting to have a handful of teachers stepping up and sharing their experiences…

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Twitter is Google for Educators

I know many of you read the title are were thinking, “Huh? I don’t use Twitter the same ways as Google.”  Courtesy of dictionary.com, consider the following definition:   Amazing how a company name, is now an action verb, and one that is part of common culture.  We google anything and everything.  I google solutions… Continue reading Twitter is Google for Educators