Connect Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

I admire Brad Currie (@bcurrie5) greatly for his thoughts. This post from over a year ago, continuously resonates in my head….more edus need to embrace the larger world of edu conversation that is happening

Engaged and Relevant

Believe me, I know the title of my latest post is a bit 1990’s, but I am trying to get an important point across. I am a big hip hop and R&B fan, which is why I selected Ice Cube featuring Das Efx’s song “Check Yo Self” as the theme that would support my thoughts. To me, being a connected educator is paramount in a variety of ways. One being that you can consume a wealth of ideas, educational resources, and best practice techniques. The other is that you are able to share out with other like-minded educators what matters to you and in turn have an impact on student success. This is why educators need to become and remain connected in order to stay on top of their game on a consistent basis. There is no better way to stay connected than through Twitter. Below you will find my…

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