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Teacher Leaders at #EdcampLdr 105:365

I thank Brian for being such an integral part of the conversation Billy and I set out to facilitate at EdCampLeadership.

Teach Between The Lines

This was the best open conversation session I took part in during the day.  It was inspiring to see and hear from so many leaders working at different capacities in the school.  It was equally exciting to have a handful of teachers stepping up and sharing their experiences in being leaders and the obstacles they face.

I have interacted with Billy Krakower and Sharon LePage Plante via twitter a few times before this day.  I knew them as intelligent, passionate educators.  Having this conversation with them in person built that greatly.  Talking about teacher leadership with them and others made me feel a connection that I had not experienced with other teacher leaders before that day.

Being a teacher leader often puts you in the middle.  On one hand you were working closely with administrators to develop and implement ideas that make the school better or fill needs, on the…

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