A Night to Remember..in Education

So my head is still spinning and trying to put the pieces of this last weekend

Saturday morning started in DC and my husband and I took off on the days adventures not unlike all the other times we have visited the area. It was a typical day.

Fast forward to late afternoon as we would normally be unwinding from a day of sight-seeing, and we are instead dressing in our finest, something we never do, and gather with others awaiting a limo to head to the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences Bammy Awards

.IMG_0033#edtechchat team @ThomasCMurray @S_Bearden @KatrinaStevens1 @iPlante @ajpodchaski

I recall reading posts last year after the event with people’s concerns and disappointment in how the event went, so I held some trepidation in attending. However I also had excitement to be nominated and to present Edtech awards with my #edtechchat team.

The evening welcomed us with music performed by the Washington Youth Orchestra, and amazing group of student musicians and how appropriate for a room of educators. Eric Sheninger and Kristen Swanson kicked off after a wonderful introduction from Errol St. Claire Smith, Founder of the Academy. I was in awe as the evening went on seeing people I so admire get recognized as finalist and winners in their categories.  The privilege I felt being in that audience among so many amazing people from all aspects of education was overwhelming.


The addition of the i3Talks were so inspirational.  Educators were selected to give 3 minute TEDTalk like presentations that were insightful, funny, invigorating, and inspiring.  The evening was a true tribute to education. I was proud to be an educator and I was humbled by being considered among the people being award for I see them as leaders in the global education conversation to truly impact learning for students.


Errol St. Claire Smith

I was nominated in two categories, one with my rockstar #edtechchat team, who inspire me daily, and in the special ed category.  While I had my fingers crossed for my #edtechchat team, as they are an amazing group of people I feel honored to be part of, I did not even consider my chances in the special ed award.  I am relatively new to this bigger realm of educators and considered it just lucky to be a finalist….and yet I was given the honor of the 2014 Bammy Award as Special Needs Staff.

So what did I learn that evening…that there are many awesome educators across the country that I value as part of my #PLN.  There are also many awesome educators who need to be recognized for their efforts, achievements and accomplishments more regularly.  For if this educator, a simple teacher who has combined her love of working with kids with learning disabilities and technology can be privileged to attend a red carpet event and some how get honored, then the Academy is on the path to reach places far and wide to highlight great things in education.

IMG_0064  With Errol St. Clair Smith

What does it mean to me now to be honored, it means I have a greater mission to make more of a difference for students and education.  This award isn’t about me (while I did enjoyed a glass of champagne and a fun celebration at my school) it’s about my students at Eagle Hill Southport, it’s about students in any classroom across the country that need support in their learning process.  I will take this 5 seconds of fame to try to be a greater steward in the grand movement of #dyslexia #assistivetech #adhd and other areas concerning Special Education.  I do what I do because it is what I care about passionately.  If this platform can for a short time give a greater voice to what students with learning disabilities need and how education needs to change to benefit them, then I must try…for them.

As part of the Council of Peers for the Academy, I will do my best to nominate other educators for the 2015 Bammy Awards, for there are many that need the same night of inspiration, invigoration, and honor that this years honorees experienced.  Thank you to the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences for a night that truly made education shine.

2 thoughts on “A Night to Remember..in Education

  1. Sharon, thank you for being you. The Academy clearly got it right in selecting you. You embody the spirit of the Bammy Awards… Congratulations! It was delightful meeting you! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. We now press on together and I’m looking forward to the next episode!

    1. Errol,
      Thank you for such a ride and experience, and motivation to continue on the path for students. Your dedication to education is infectious.

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