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Too many tools…too little….

Too many tools…tool little….




It is astounding the number of technology related tools that exist and are on-goingly created for education.  Prior to the holidays I attended the CAIS Too many Tools evening…

It is a great forum for seeing a quick presentation on some tools fellow educators are using in Connecticut Independent Schools and gave me some great things to go home and explore.  Around the same time #satchat (a fabulous Twitter chat that every educator should at least lurk in) had a great session on technology tools, that had me adding to list of what to check out during my December break. Of course break came and went without me pulling out my list.  Sometimes it seems so daunting all the tools that are available for educators.  Twitter, Pinterest, LiveBinders, Edmodo/Schoology/Haiku, Nearpod, Livescribe, apps, Web 2.0 Tools…the list is endless and overwhelming, and I say that as a technology lover.

It gives thought that no wonder educators who do not feel comfortable with basic technology can feel overwhelmed.  In planning a presentation to my colleagues on tech tools in a couple weeks, I gave thought to that feeling. First, they know I love tech and many feel that if I talk about it, it is really techie and thus hard.  Second, what are key tools to highlight because I can’t highlight them all.  So I narrowed it down to just a few for this presentation…ones I use most, but also ones I know a few others in the building use.  That way I can truly talk to how I feel these impact my role as a teacher, but also can have “real people” address their benefit.  There are so many great tools out there, but it is how to best pick the ones that will fit you and what you do.  Thus the challenge for this educator who also is a tech person to support her staff in introducing them to this great 2.0 world.

My questions to all educators…. (and yes I am really looking for responses!)

1. What tech tools do you use and why?

2. What tech tools don’t you use and why?

3. What has helped you embrace technology to impact your teaching and your students learning?

I would love to share with my staff the great thoughts of educators everywhere so they realize they are not alone, and that there are some great tools out there just waiting for them.



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