The Importance of Routines


Best Classroom Practice
Routines are a large part of my classroom practice. Working with students with learning disabilities, routines teach them how to best navigate the classroom and support those with executive functioning difficulties. Kids who face processing challenges, rely on the predictability of the routines to encounter success in the classroom.


Today routines take on another meaning. For myself, coming into the cozy halls of my school, brings me comfort and solace at such a difficult times. This morning, routines brought me the same reassurance that I daily hope to provide for my students in its consistency.


Now in planning my day, did I plan the same activities as I normally would? It was shades of normal, with some adjustments for the time. The writing prompt involved a funny picture of a dog with it’s tongue in the snow. Reading practice will involve their favorite “brain game” which involves reading a word or sentence and throwing a squishy brain in a box. Math practice will involve games to practice skills we have been working on. These are not new activities, they are ones used in class from time to time, but they are important today. My students need to engage in learning, and enjoy some fun times in the classroom. These are not out of our routine, just necessary to include today.

“Laughter is the best medicine.”
Today was a day to make laughter and smiles….to savor the silly moments that take the class momentarily off task…to allow those hugs from students…to smile and enjoy all the wonderful kids that enter our building. They are precious and valuable. Teaching has been a lifelong choice. I cannot imagine doing anything else. I honor those Newtown teachers for doing what they do everyday, doing what is in the best interest of students, for as true educators, it is our personal goal to do so, no matter what challenges are faced.

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