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Why I am thankful for my connections

It is basic and simple, I am thankful for connections because they make me a better educator and that benefits my students and my school.

In the road to learning, there have been many stewards of knowledge who have been my fueling stations to follow a path to impact learning.

Locally I thank my colleagues who are part of the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools Commission on Technology. #CAISCOT  These awesome educators, especially Justine @justfell, have given me local connections that opened my eyes as to what I could be doing and inspired change that has done more than I can say to motivate me to follow my path of professional growth.

I am ever inspired by @bnpowers.  Ben is transformational leader that leads with passion and creativity.  I connect with Ben in the confines of our building, but also in the connectivity of social media.  He understands and fosters my desire to connect to grow.  Ben introduced me to @ATKSMan.  Jamie is a kindred spirit for me.  Like myself, Jamie works with dyslexic kids, and has a passion for technology, yet fell into the tech role due to that passion to use tech to support and enhance the skills and learning of our student population. Both these amazing #dyslexiamovement stewards have opened my eyes as to what I truly have been looking for.  They are my Wizards of Oz along this yellow brick road.

The fabulous #satchat team of @bcurrie5, @scottrrocco, and @wkrakower helped me see how educators dialoguing weekly can be continuous PD that has me jumping out of bed at 7:30 am on Saturday mornings.  These gentlemen are leaders and stewards for learning and growth.  They are real, honest, and continually lead conversations that make me think and seek to learn from others.

Participation in #satchat led me to a connection with @thomascmurray.  We often dialogued and discussed in side conversations, as we had the shared focus of technology.  After several months of connecting every Saturday morning, Tom had the idea to bring together other educators with a passion for technology, which has given to the development of #edtechchat.  My co-moderators, Tom, @s_bearden, @ajpodchaski, and @katrinastevens1 are awesome educators who see how technology can be smartly utilized to enhance learning.  They all believe it is not the tech that is the key, but the learning that can happen.

My connections to continue and grow, and I seek to help others see the passion that can be found through a personal learning network.  My stewards help me strengthen the desire to fight for the underdog and bring forth the highlights of the quiet #movements that exist in education and for educators.  I seek not to connect for myself, but for my students.  They are amazing kids who deserve the best I can give them everyday, and my connections continue to keep that spark alive with new and exciting dialogue and sharing of ideas.

3 thoughts on “Why I am thankful for my connections

  1. Well said, Sharon! I am thankful to count you as one of my connections. I would not be able to do what I do without others to lean on and learn from.

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