Show What They Know


Kahoot has been an amazing tool for engaging review and assessment.  Students ask to have review activities done in Kahoot.  However, there have been some challenges in using it.  First, some students have difficulty focusing on the question that is being projected.  Some have the challenge of far point reading, while others struggle with reading the question and then shifting the focus back to their own device to record their response, and then there are those students with reading challenges who need time to decode the question and/or process it.

Enter Quizizz!  

Quizizz is a very similar set up to Kahoot.  Yet there are some features that have me using Quizizz more often.

  • The questions and answers appear on the students’ own devices.
  • When using the iOS app, the questions and answers are read to the student.
  • Questions and answers can be jumbled for each student.
  • There are really fun memes that appear after each question letting the student know they are correct or incorrect.
  • Students work at their own pace.
  • It can be assigned directly through Google Classroom, so they don’t need the code to join in.
  • The quiz can be assigned as homework to be completed asynchronously.
  • You can print out a paper copy of the questions and choices as a worksheet if students don’t have access to a device or internet at home.

Quizizz has taken the things I love about Kahoot and brought with it some things that answered the wish list of “If only it would..”If you love Kahoot, I highly recommend checking out Quizizz!

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark (Formerly Adobe Voice and Adobe Post) is a must use cross platform tool.  There is an iOS app, as well as can be accessed from a browser on a laptop.  Users can create graphics, stories and animated videos for FREE and with ease.  My favorite usage by students is the videos as they are simple to create with images and the students’ voice.  There is not a lot of complicated settings and users can easily craft a wonderful project with minimal teacher instruction.   It can be used with any age group and in any subject area.  It is my go to app for many “show what you know” projects.


Buncee came to my attention this spring as a great new creation tool.  They even came to my school to do a hands on demo, which impressed me even more with this company.  There is a free and a premium level with also a school/district level of usage.  Buncee is device agnostic and has an ease of use that would make it easy for any student or teacher to pick up and get started.  Users begin with a blank canvas and then just through drag and drop, incorporate many forms of media to create content, projects, or culminating reviews. A definite must check out tool.